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Many times we have heard that trust is a major factor in a relationship and is true as well. Trust forms the bases of any relationship and before taking your relationship forward you should trust your partner. But many a times the situation is such that you have to trust some one blindly. For instance consider the case of online dating.

You do not know anything about the person on the other side. And all that is known is whatever he/she tells you about them. In that pursuit you do not have any option except having faith in them.

Online datng

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Relationships are like glass which should be handled with care. And to break them is not easy especially the long term relationships. As far as women are concerned they do not want to be the ones to end up the relationships even though they are the ones who want to break off with their partners. If you are getting some warning signs from your lady love then there are chances that she no longer wants to stay with you. Some of the warning signals are:

Upset couple in bed