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It is one of the oldest dating forums where people post and receive relationship advice. Whether you are single, dating, married, or in a relationship, this forum is a goldmine of advice. Established in 1997, many people have been able to get relationship advice through the forum.

The topics on this forum are different, from divorce, dating, substance abuse to self-improvement, etc. Although this platform is not considered as one of the popular chat dating sites, it offers free online conversations about relationships through its forums.

  • Experienced forum
  • Tight-knit community
  • Users can create journals 
  • Very active forums
  • Peer to peer forum and advice is therefore not from relationship experts
  • Forum has a basic look
Membership Base:
No exact figures
Male vs Female:
No exact figures
Pricing Plans:
Free forum
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It is a social network and information site that offers data on US cities. The site also provides public forums for discussions. You’ll get information about counties, cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes. This information is compared against government data such as income, race, weather, crime, education, religions, air pollution, maps, and housing.

This platform has a relationships forum, and this is where you can get dating advice. The relationship forums are further grouped into different categories. You can post your thoughts on various topics on dating, respond to questions posted by other users, or ask questions.

  • It covers the entire country
  • Organized and systemic listings 
  • Only specific to the United States 
  • More business-oriented 
Membership Base:
No exact figures
Male vs Female:
No exact figures
Pricing Plans:
Free forum/directory
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This platform started as a dating site and transformed into a social network, or what others might also consider as a relationship forum - members of the platform are mostly into hookups and casual encounters. The forum section of the site is where you’ll get relationship or dating advice. Popular threads on the forum include profile reviews, dating general discussions, sex and dating chat, relationships, and dating stories.

The forum site has a large global user base, and the forum, therefore, draws diverse membership and thoughts from people across the world. There are over 3.5 million monthly visits in the United States alone.

  • Large user base
  • Smooth registration process 
  • Free messaging
  • Great forum 
  • Chatroom 
  • Free viewing of pictures 
  • Mobile app 
  • Some fake profiles 
  • No profile screening or background checks
  • Poor quality profiles
Membership Base:
1,300,000 users from the United States
Male vs Female:
60% : 40%
Pricing Plans:
1 month at 9.95 USD
3 months at 22.85 USD
6 months at 35.70 USD
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It is one of the online services that combines a dating site and forum in a single platform. The forum used to be one of the most popular on the online dating scene. With over 50 million members across the world, there are diverse thoughts and perceptions on relationships.

This platform was launched in 2004, and within three years, it was listed in Time Magazine’s top 10 dating sites. The excellent features are some of the reasons why the platform is popular among singles who are looking for partners.

  • Many features are free
  • Inclusive identification options 
  • Robust profiles 
  • Large and active user base
  • Matching system 
  • Immediate match suggestions after registration 
  • Mobile app
  • Personality test 
  • Facebook and Instagram integration 
  • Detailed profiles 
  • No video chat
  • Ads on the free interface 
  • Free members can’t see people who like their profiles 
Membership Base:
10 million users from the United States
Male vs Female:
65% : 35%
Pricing Plans:

A-List Basic Subscription

  • 1 month at 7.95 USD
  • 3 months at 19.05 USD
  • 6 months at 23.70 USD

A-List Premium Subscription

  • 1 month at 24.90 USD
  • 3 months at 68.70 USD
  • 6 months at 119.40 USD
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It is another dating site with great forums. The site offers tons of free features, therefore attracting a large user base from across the world. It is also one of the oldest online dating sites, and the features are designed to give users the best experience on the platform. Currently, the platform boasts over 90 million users globally. Expect to find forums with threads from many people with varied views about relationships. Over 10 million conversations occur through the platform daily.

The dating site also couples up as a matchmaking service. You can search for people who meet your criteria through the search filters. Alternatively, you can use the dating site’s matchmaking feature “UltraMatch.” The feature lists the top 50 users who are compatible with you.

  • Simple registration 
  • Live stream
  • Few messaging limits
  • Large user base
  • Free members can see who viewed their profiles
  • Detailed profiles 
  • Free online personality assessment 
  • Free signup
  • Anti-robot verification process to prevent bots 
  • User-friendly layout
  • Mobile app 
  • Can’t link to external accounts like Instagram and Facebook
  • Fake profiles
  • No profile videos 
  • No photo verification tool
  • Intrusive Ads on free accounts 
Membership Base:
78 million users from the United States
Male vs Female:
60% : 40%
Pricing Plans:
2 months at 38.70 USD
4 months at 51.00 USD
8 months at 81.40 USD

Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating Forums

Some dating sites have forums where you can get dating advice on various topics. Whether you are single, dating, or married, these are perfect places for getting thoughts on various relationship issues. If you have a pressing issue, probably someone else has already gone through it and overcame it. These are, therefore, the right individuals to advise you on how to handle your relationship challenges. 

Some platforms are exclusive forums and do not serve as dating sites. These platforms provide a wide range of relationship advice because of the many categories on the forums. Whichever option you choose, these are the go-to places for relationship advice. 

Differences between Dating Forums and Chat Dating Sites

The difference between dating forums and chat dating sites is the content and intention of the platforms. Whereas one is designed to connect singles for relationships, the other is made for discussions. Sometimes, you’ll find a single platform that is a dating site and has forums. In that case, it serves all purposes. 

You can hold discussions that are on the public forums. On dating sites, people mostly engage in private chats or messaging as the only way of communication. No other person can intrude or make comments on your discussions. 

These Are the Requirements for New Users on Dating Forums

People joining these discussion platforms through their attendant dating sites will have to comply with the rules and regulations. For example, you’ll first have to create an account, put up a profile photo, and complete your profile. 

Most forums do not have tight restrictions on how you can join. Most people opt to stay anonymous, and this allows members to be comfortable when sharing their problems. However, you have to be at least 18 years old to be a member of these platforms. 

You don’t have to be an active participant in the forums. You can be a silent follower who only reads questions and the advice offered by other users. 

Signing up with the Forums

Getting into these discussion forums is easy. Just create an account, and you’re good to go. If you’re signing up through a dating site, then you’ll have to go through the whole signup process, which doesn’t take long.

Some of the information needed includes your age, location, and gender. Some platforms may also ask you more questions about your body type, personality, hair color, and questions about the type of people you’re looking for. 

Completing Member Profile

You’ll not be required to complete a profile if you’re joining the exclusive discussion forums. On platforms like, you have to sign up to start accessing the platform. But if it’s through a dating site, then you’ll have to go through the normal profile creation process. The profile is only helpful in connecting you with matches on the website and has nothing to do with your posts or comments in the discussions.

Pickup Lines You Can Use for Profiles on Forums for Dating

You can only use pickup lines if you’ve joined a forum that also has a dating site. Otherwise, many of these discussion platforms are not the ideal places where you want to search for singles and start communicating with them to meet for a date. 


Having meaningful discussions about a relationship can help you maneuver various challenges you go through in your relationship with your spouse. Because there is a probability that someone has already gone through what you’re going through, these forums are the best places to get advice. Sign up with any of these platforms and get informed on various relationship topics. 


How to Flirt with Someone Online?

Use the chatrooms on dating sites to flirt with other members.

How to Filter Users on Forums for Dating?

There is no need to filter because forums are not dating platforms.

What Security Measures against Fraudsters Are Used on Forums for Dating?

Membership verification is done before accounts are approved.