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Relationships are like glass which should be handled with care. And to break them is not easy especially the long term relationships. As far as women are concerned they do not want to be the ones to end up the relationships even though they are the ones who want to break off with their partners. If you are getting some warning signs from your lady love then there are chances that she no longer wants to stay with you. Some of the warning signals are:

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Divorce has become a common factor in our society. It has become a part of today’s culture from the celebrity breaking to much more. It is really shocking to notice the rate of divorces happening day by day. It really makes one wonder if a healthy and long-term relationship is possible or not. Many have a misconception that marital problems arise due to lack of love but that is not usually the case. It occurs due to miscommunication and lack of understanding one another. It depends on both you and your partner’s interest, if any one lack in this then it is not going to work. But if you consider your marriage as important aspect in one’s life and start resolving things then your marriage life is sure to turn out into something special. Whether it is trust, romance or any issue related to marriage it is easy to work it out and save your marriage.

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