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“Honesty is the best policy” is very true. But sometimes in the matters involving love it may not be true always. In life many incidents occur of which you should not tell your partner. Although it means breaking their trust but at times being dishonest can save your relationship. You should be careful enough about things which your partner does not like.

Given below are few tips which you should keep in mind and never tell your partner. They are:

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So you have promised your girl for a date but thinking how to go about it as you are on a tight budget. You don’t have to worry because you don’t always have to make your dating a costly experience. You can date with your limited budget but the key thing is you need to be little more creative.

Your date doesn’t have to know how much you spent. There are thousands of ways to make your date more entertaining without spending lots of money.

Buying Coffee with Euros

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Infidelity is the worst and painful thing a couple can go through. When one faces infidelity, it hit them so bad that their heart races and wonders what went wrong and since when? First one will wonder how did this happen? How come you did not notice it? Who is the other person? Etc. the after effects is even more hard.

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