Best Chat Dating Apps

Using your fingertip to find a perfect match that lives to your expectations is never easy. However, there are dedicated chat dating sites that come in handy when it comes to meeting people you truly admire. The huge computers that sit on desks are no longer the main resort for virtual social engagements. Chat dating apps provide match seekers with charming solutions.

Here are some of the best chat dating apps for intimate friendships, casual hookups, long-term relationships, and so much more.

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5 allows singles to flirt as they arrange for dates. The dating app understands that every relationship begins with flirtation. Users aboard the flirt train are met with enthusiastic messages and winks. It's like you'll never run out of members to flirt and chat with for casual encounters, fun dates, and even attaching relationships.

Membership Base:
Over 1 million users; over 400,000 from the USA alone
Male vs Female Members:
Male 70% - Females 30%
Pricing Plans:
3-Day trial - $4.24
1 Month - $28.80
3 Months - $48.60; $16.20 monthly
6 Months - $79.20; $13.20 monthly
  • Signup is free, simple, and quick.
  • You can freely send winks and use the like gallery.
  • Any member can utilize the search filters.
  • There is premium support.
  • Sexual orientation is not quite diverse.
  • The site has few communication and interactive features.
  • Messaging is for premium members.
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5 is a vibrant platform for flirting and hookups between couples and singles, and it provides a fun dating experience by encouraging a naughty community of daters. This chat site facilitates adventurous sexual encounters and hookups between consenting adults. Most members on the site are not for long-term relationships.

Membership Base:
Nearly 2 million users; over 500,000 from the USA
Male vs Female Members:
Male 40% - Females 60%
Pricing Plans:
3-Day trial - $4.24
1 Month - $28.80
3 Months $16.20 $48.60
6 Months $13.20 $79.20
  • Registration is free and quick.
  • Instead of photos, members can upload videos to their profile.
  • Women outnumber men on this chat platform.
  • The site offers the cute or not cute game in the Like Gallery.
  • There are complaints of some fake profiles.
  • Most profiles are not detailed.
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If you're looking for the best site for naughty singles, then could just be it. It is a casual dating site that aims to bring open-minded singles together. Its service of connecting sexually adventurous men and women has seen it work for many singles. You can readily join the chat site, especially if you're interested in a no-strings-attached relationship.

Membership Base:
Over 1.5 million users; over 500,000 from the USA
Male vs Female Members:
Male 70% - Females 30%
Pricing Plans:
3-Day trial - $4.24
1 Month - $28.80
3 Months - $48.60; $16.20 monthly
6 Months - $79.20; $13.20 monthly
  • Registration is fast and easy.
  • It is open for any sexual orientation.
  • The site offers 5 free chats per day.
  • You can send unlimited likes.
  • There are instances of fake profiles.
  • Messaging function is for a premium membership.
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Tinder is one of the most popular chat dating apps today. It's mainly known for its one-of-a-kind swipe feature as a way of finding a match. Users who like each other can connect on the app or site through its interactive features. This chat platform is open for both casual hookups and long-term love connections.

Membership Base:
Over 100 million users; over 28 million from the USA alone
Male vs Female Members:
Male 63% - Females 37%
Pricing Plans:
It has varied pricing plans depending on user age
Tinder Gold Under 28
1 Month - $14.99
6 Months - $52.99; $8.83 monthly
12 Months - $82.99; $6.92 monthly
Tinder Gold Over 28
1 Month - $29.99
6 Months - $112.99: $18.83 monthly
12 Months - $149.99: $12.50 monthly
Tinder Plus Under 28
1 Month - $9.99
6 Months - $34.99; $5.83 monthly
12 Months - $54.99; $4.58 monthly
Tinder Plus Over 28
1 Month - $19.99
6 Months - $60.00; $10.00 monthly
12 Months - $80.00: $6.67 monthly
  • It is open for LGBTQ members.
  • The site has a huge interactive membership base.
  • Sending messages is free for matched users.
  • There is a live video call feature.
  • The platform has a downloadable mobile app.
  • There is limited profile information.
  • Deleting a single message is not possible.
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Lovoo's social app and dating network have rapidly grown since its official launch in 2011. This chat platform provides space for people from all social backgrounds and sexual orientations to share their thoughts online. The app suits those who want to grow their network of friends and find exciting dates.

Membership Base:
Over 70 million users; over 6.3 million from the USA
Male vs Female Members:
Male 75% - Females 25%
Pricing Plans:
1 Month - $9.99
3 Months - $24.99; $8.33 monthly
6 Months - $33.99; $5.67 monthly
12 Months - $69.96; $5.83 monthly
  • Live video stream is free for all members.
  • Members earn free Lovoo credits and cash bonuses.
  • There is a profile authenticity due to strict security features.
  • Roulette-type matching is available.
  • It has a highly interactive app.
  • Most profiles are poorly detailed.
  • Increased profile visibility requires a paid membership.

Why Are Chat Dating Apps Increasingly Proving Important?

Chat dating apps have leveraged their digital capabilities to remain competitive. Apart from growing their customer funnel, they offer new interactive video features and other functions that users find essential on such chat platforms. They have gradually sprung up as a two-sided marketplace where potential partners match with each other. Others have even initiated features like conversation icebreakers that favor people with little inspiration for that all-important starting message. It makes initiating a chat with an ideal match quite easy. These supportive dating features have seen men and women arrange dates even during challenging periods of coronavirus.

Considering Chat Dating Apps Vs Chat Dating Sites

Chat dating apps have grown more common, useful, and widely used. More than half of young adults see dating platforms as an interactive place for casual and long-term connections. However, chat dating apps seem to be more in use than direct access to dating websites. The huge section that mainly relies on dating apps clings to their convenience in helping them find and meet like-minded people with ease. With a smartphone in hand, access to dating networks is a lot easier and faster. You can connect with friends, chat and create relationships from your own comfort.

Common Requirements for New Users Joining Chat Dating Apps

Most dating chat platforms are striving to enforce maximum security of their users. Online security is one aspect that continues to give headaches to many social websites. No wonder dating apps and sites that succeed in enforcing it to recommendable levels see a surge in the number of their users. All these starts with the main requirement that you need to be at least 18 years to become a user of most chat dating apps. Registration is normally easy, with SMS or email verification required. Most chat platforms also encourage users to provide at least one profile photo and other important profile information to rank better among other members. Indicating your dating interests on your profile also favors your success on such platforms.

Signup Information Required

The signup process on most dating chat platforms only takes 2 to 5 minutes. Apart from signing up with your email, some apps allow you to use your Facebook details to complete the process quickly. The signup info required includes your name, the city of residence, age, and gender. After filling out the personal information, provide your nominated password and a valid email address crucial in the new account activation. Once you click on the activation link on your email, your account would be viable and ready to browse other member profiles.

Necessary Dating Profile Fills

One important step to ascertain before you embark on browsing the profiles of members online for potential matches is completing your profile. Profile fill helps you stay ahead of the dating game as users who will be contacting you would know beforehand your dating interests and goals. Dating on sites like IAmNaughty requires that you ensure your name is complete as you want it to appear and that you've filled in your age, location, and gender. Give brief information about your lifestyle, hobbies, and dating interests. It's also important highlighting the features and characteristics of people you're looking to associate with.

Profiles Relying on Pickup Lines on Chat Dating Apps

Over usage of pickup lines has sent some people to think that it's a no-go. It could be true, as most of them don't really work wonders, especially when you want to pick up on girls. However, there are better ways you could use them on your chat dating app profiles to attract the attention of potential matches. Find one that naturally fits in a part of your dating profile and let it do the wonderful work of letting date seekers grow curious and want to know much about you. Go with something like, "My mother always told me to follow my dreams. Do you mind if I walk you home?"


Online dating sites have been extant for decades now, and people have increasingly embraced them. However, something else seems to be giving people the dating craze. Chat dating platforms have seen drastic growth in usage due to their convenience and ease of use. It's enjoyable browsing through potential matches while on a bus ride or undertaking some of your non-demanding activities. Millions have developed a vast network of friends and even lasting relationships from the platforms. You should not be left behind in unnecessary solitude; sign up on one of these to chat and have some fun. You only need to take caution against the few fake online profiles on some apps.


How to Flirt with Someone Online?

Start by sending them winks or some funny but thoughtful compliments or questions.

How to Filter Users on Chat Dating Apps?

Many chat dating platforms allow you to use search filters to find potential matches based on age, gender, location, and relationship interest.

What Security Measures against Fraudsters Are Used on Chat Dating Apps?

It is new account verification through emails or SMS as well as continuous online customer support.