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ClickAndFlirt has a clean and simple design, so it looks professional, and it’s easy to use. With about a million members, there’s a good user base. There are a lot of filters you can use when searching through that user base, too. There’s a three-day trial period.


The protection system on ClickAndFlirt is not very good. There are a lot of fake profiles, unfortunately. It’s also more expensive than the average dating site.

The Bottom Line

You definitely could meet somebody cute and funny on ClickAndFlirt. But you’ll have to sift through a lot of fake profiles. And you’ll have to pay.

Member Choice 4.0
Match & Search 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Privacy & Safety 4.0
Help & Support 4.0
Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore
July, 2021

Quality of Members’ Profiles

Ultimately, chat dating sites are only as good as its member base. You can have a clean design, easy-to-use interface, and cool functions, but if no members use your site, there won’t be much dating going on. The quality of members’ profiles on ClickAndFlirt are brought down by that problem which hounds all dating sites: fake profiles. All dating sites and dating apps have fake profiles, but ClickAndFlirt has a few too many of them. The site would benefit from a better protection system. Those accounts run by genuine people seem nice and normal enough, just like people you would find anywhere.

ClickAndFlirt members

How to Sign Up at ClickAndFlirt

ClickAndFlirt makes it easy to sign up for their site. It’s a quick process; all you need to do is indicate who you are looking (men, women, or both) and your age. Then comes the email verification. Some reviews don’t mention any problem here. Still, others have complained about long waits before receiving their email verification. If it seems to be taking a long time, check your junk mail or spam folder. When you do get your email verification, then you can start using ClickAndFlirt. You can begin customizing your profile and chatting with other users.

ClickAndFlirt signup

ClickAndFlirt Security Measures

The security measures on ClickAndFlirt are rather basic. As with all the other services on this dating site, the security is better with a paid membership. You can report users who are harassing you or who you suspect to be running a scam or fake profile. If there’s simply somebody you don’t wish to interact with for any reason, you can add them to your blacklist. Visit the profile you wish to block, go to the settings button (the three dots), and click “report” or “block”. Beyond this, there’s not much else in the way of security measures on this site.

Search Filters

ClickAndFlirt gives its users several options when it comes to searching. First, you can adjust the settings in your profile to only see singles who are near you and/or who share something in common with you. To actively search out available singles, you can use the search tool. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up a detailed search, you can use the three basic filters: gender, age range, and location. There is also a function to see which users are online at that very moment which will help you avoid many blank profiles.

ClickAndFlirt search

Legit Members

So, who’s legit on this site and who isn’t? It’s not always easy to tell. It’s not possible to see when a person was last active, so you might never know whether the person in whom you are interested is still using the site or not. There are many empty profiles in which users haven’t bothered to add any pictures or details about whom they are and who they want to meet. However, you can specifically search for singles that have profile pictures. If you are interested in someone and don’t have much information displayed, you can use the “ask to add” option.

ClickAndFlirt Dating Website Story

ClickAndFlirt is at least seven years old as reviews of the site can be found dating back to 2014. One review lists its founding as having been in 2000. This would be an incredibly long time ago in the world of online dating; it would make ClickAndFlirt one of the oldest sites on the web. It is part of a larger network of chat dating sites as its layout and aesthetic is the same as other sites. ClickAndFlirt might be good for those who want to cast a wide net when dating, but it is rather generic.

ClickAndFlirt Statistics

The site was founded at some point between 2000 and 2014. It has a membership base of around one million, which is a strong number. The recommended age for users is between 25-50, but there are no hard limits beyond being a legal adult wherever you reside. The site seems mostly useful for traditional, if not necessarily serious, dating. It’s not only for hookups, but the users of ClickAndFlirt aren’t necessarily determined to settle down into a long-term relationship right away, either. Men must pay a monthly cost of $35 or try a three-day $5 trial. Women can use it for free but can pay for extra features.

Memberships Base

Size of the Membership Base

Active Members Estimate: 1,000,000
Male vs. Female Breakdown: Undisclosed, but some reports suggest many more male users than females.

What Relationship Types does ClickAndFlirt Serve?

Relationship Status(es): Singles – Divorced – Open Relationships
Relationship Type(s): Straight – Bisexual – Gay – Lesbian
Looking For: Traditional Dating – Flirting – See Where it Goes

Where is ClickAndFlirt Popular? In Which Languages is it Available?

USA (English), UK (English), Canada (English), Australian (English)
ClickAndFlirt is mostly used in the English-speaking world and by people who speak English.

What Features are Free?

Men can hardly do anything without a paid membership. Women can access almost all features for free.

Your Subscription Payment Options

Duration ClickAndFlirt Pricing
Per Month Total
3 Days N/A $4.99
1 Month $34.99 $34.99
3 Months $27.99 $83.97

Payment Methods

ClickAndFlirt accepts major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard as well as PayPal. Membership works on an autorenewal basis.

MasterCard Visa PayPal


Is the trial period for ClickAndFlirt free?

While there are free memberships available for men, they are pretty much useless. The three-day full-service trial costs $4.99.

Is ClickAndFlirt actually free for women?

Yes, ClickAndFlirt is free for women to use. Women can pay for additional features, but you don’t need to.

But is ClickAndFlirt Legit?

Some reviews state that women start messaging them as soon as they download the app before they’ve even set up a profile, which is suspicious. There are legit people on ClickAndFlirt, but not many of them seem to be women.