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DateHookup has a genuinely useful free version, unlike many other dating apps. While you can pay for additional features, DateHookup has a great free version.


There were little things that were annoying about DateHookup, such as having too many ads. But the main problem now is that doesn’t seem to exist.

The Bottom Line

Until further notice, you cannot use DateHookup.

Member Choice 1.0
Match & Search 1.0
Ease of Use 1.0
Privacy & Safety 1.0
Help & Support 1.0
Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore
July, 2021

Quality of Members’ Profiles

Dating forums are only as good as their member base. And the forum had a good base. It boasted over 1.3 million members in the US alone, at one point, as well as six million visits worldwide. Now, however, there appear to be zero members, at least in the US and Canada. It’s possible that DateHookup still operates in other countries, but as of 2018, it ceased operations in North America. Now, the forum only displays a rudimentary landing page that directs visitors to a different site, Plenty of Fish. It seems DateHookup was a casualty of a restructuring at People Media.

DateHookup members

How to Sign Up at DateHookup

You can’t sign up for DateHookup anymore. The site was run by the same company that runs and Plenty of Fish. It’s not clear why they shut down DateHookup. It’s possible they saw the site as being off-brand for them, as DateHookup focused on casual dating and hookups. Other dating site reviews and dating forums stated that DateHookup was reformatted some time in 2014. Before, it was explicitly dedicated to facilitating hookups, it seemed it changed into a generic social medial site. In any event, sign-up was easy, when it was available, by all accounts.

DateHookup signup

DateHookup Security Measures

The security measures on this forum were not great. It’s not clear how things worked in the site’s heyday, but post-2014, many online forums, and dating reviews have stated the site’s admin was lacking. People complained about vitriolic messages, angry chat exchanges, doxing, and more. It’s clear that, at least in the end, the administrators of DateHookup had no concerns with providing their users with a secure, safe, and enjoyable site to use. This is also one of the dangers when you offer a site for free. We all like free things, be there’s less security in those situations.

Search Filters

Members could search by age range, gender, and/or geographic location. More specific filters were also available. You could find people who were currently online, people who were sentenced to match your profile the best, and people who were the closest to your location. It sounds like a pretty decent search function, especially since all this was available to free users. Upon finding a member with whom you want to communicate, you could send a message or a request to set up an instant chat. There was also a “Let’s Meet” game, similar to the swiping-based function of Tinder or Bumble.

DateHookup search

Legit Members

All dating sites have to deal with fake profiles and scammers. It’s merely a fact of life in the world of online dating. However, the problem is especially apparent on sites that openly promote casual relationships, hookups, and flirting. Given this, DateHookup had many illegitimate accounts, but the site was not a scam. There were many legitimate members at one point. Again, this seems to have been before its 2014 rebrand. Some reviews of the forum seem suspicious, as they were published last year when, according to most records, the site had already shut down.

DateHookup Dating Website Story

DateHookup was one of the original sites. In 2002, there weren’t that many dating sites online, let alone dating sites aimed at helping people hook up, let alone legit sites aimed at helping people hook up. But the forum was that. It’s not clear if People Media started up the site in 2002 or purchased it later, perhaps just before its revamp in 2014. Whatever the case, 2014 rejig did not accomplish all that People Media wanted, and the site shut down, at least in North America, in May of 2018.

DateHookup Statistics

DateHookup was founded in 2002 and revamped in 2014. It had a membership base of millions of members, which is a strong number. This is especially true in the United States, where it had over 1.3 million alone at one point. As the name suggests, the site was primarily used for hookups, but there are plenty of personal stories about people who found their long-term partner on the site. The forum was free to use, though there was a paid membership option with extra features, it is not clear right now what those features were. The site closed down in 2018.

Memberships Base

What was the Size of the Membership Base?

Active Members Estimate:1,300,000
Male vs. Female Breakdown:One breakdown estimated 40% was female, 60% was male, which would be remarkable.

What Relationship Types did DateHookup Serve?

Relationship Status(es): Singles – Divorced – Open Relationships
Relationship Type(s): Straight – Bisexual – Gay – Lesbian
Looking For: Casual Dating – Flirting – Hookups

Where was DateHookup Popular? In Which Languages was it Available?

USA (English), UK (English), Canada (English), Australian (English)
DateHookup was mostly popular in the United States, though there were users all over the English-speaking world.

Was it Free?

DateHookup did seem to deliver real services free of charge. The downside was all the ads and the sometimes less-than-polite members.

Your Subscription Payment Options

Duration DateHookup Pricing
Per Month Total
Indefinite $0.00 $0.00
1 Month $6.95 $6.95
6 Months $4.90 $29.40

Payment Methods

DateHookup accepted all major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. It is not clear what other methods they may have accepted.

MasterCard Visa


Is the trial period for DateHookup free?

There isn’t a trial period for DateHookup per se. It was free indefinitely. There were bonus features that you had to pay for, however.

Is DateHookup free for women?

DateHookup was free for everybody to use. There did not seem to be any gender-based differences.

>Is DateHookup Legit?

It probably was legit. People Media lost interest in DateHookup, and by the end, the site was rife with fakers, scammers, and rude people. Now, it doesn’t exist anymore.