Infidelity is the worst and painful thing a couple can go through. When one faces infidelity, it hit them so bad that their heart races and wonders what went wrong and since when? First one will wonder how did this happen? How come you did not notice it? Who is the other person? Etc. the after effects is even more hard.

Shocked Woman Looking on Shirt of Man

First you will get angry and think how can you partner do this to you, and then slowly you will begin to feel it more on a deeper level. The second part is the worst part as it hits you very badly when you are dealing with as your emotions pile and you will analyze them by thinking back. You will start searching for clues or anything which you did not notice earlier. Not many recover from this. The relationship ends once for all. But few others may think how to deal such cases and not allow you to get hit permanently. One can deal this by facing it. Instead of hurting each other, look back what happened and what is the reason for it. Once you have overcome the initial shock the next step is healing for both. Now how to forget? There is a big difference when it comes to being angry than shouting and also to feeling than crying. Only if both of you work you can come out of this and start all over again. And when you both start working there will be lots of doubts. Your partner should be able to work it out with you. If both the side do not want to work it out then there is no point in trying to figure out a way. Both should sit and talk their heart out and he or she should assure you that this would not happen next time. Assurance play a most important role here.

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