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eHarmony offers robust security and privacy features. Its Compatibility Matching System helps find long-term partners.


eHarmony only offers several features to paying members, and its fees are rather high. The initial questionnaire is long and laborious.

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about finding a long-term partner, eHarmony is better than most sites.

Member Choice 4.0
Match & Search 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Privacy & Safety 4.0
Help & Support 4.0
Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore
July, 2021

Quality of Members’ Profiles

A good flirting dating apps and sites need a strong and active member base, and eHarmony can reasonably claim such a membership base. In the United States alone, they claim to have about 29 million members, which would mean over 11% of all Americans use the service. A more reliable number might come from a Business Insider report using 2017 data which stated eHarmony had about 10 million active users, 750,000 of whom were paying members. And the quality of these profiles is generally good. Some people still don’t know how to take good selfies, but the profiles are detailed with personal information and character descriptors.

eHarmony members

How to Sign Up at eHarmony

Getting started is not a quick and easy process, but it is not designed to be quick and easy. When you register, eHarmony attempts to gather all the important information about you before allowing you to browse and look for matches. Some applicants usually get rejected, usually because they’re already married or under 21, but some because they answered the initial questionnaire inconsistently. You can choose to register via your email address or connect your Facebook account to the site. The actual signing up is easy but reserve a good chunk of time to fill out the personality tests.

eHarmony signup

eHarmony Security Measures

eHarmony does do a pretty good job at keeping the users' privacy and app safe. They also offer services to help members block and report any abusive or harassing behavior from other users. There are jerks and rude people on every dating site, but overall, it seems that this service either doesn’t seem to attract many of these antisocial people, or they do a good job of cracking down on them. They help their users keep their privacy and stay safe fairly well, which is good if you’re concerned about other members learning too much about you too soon.

Search Filters

Whether you’re on the app or the website, there are a few basic search filters of which you can avail yourself. You can search by age and/or location. This will help you find another single person near your age who lives in the same city or the same geographic area. Because they style themselves as a matchmaker, they don’t want their users to have to do much searching. Their “scientifically proven” algorithm is meant to display other users who should be compatible with you based on both of your responses to your personality and compatibility tests.

eHarmony search

Legit Members

Are there legit members? Absolutely. Few dating sites can boast as few fakers and catfish as eHarmony. One, they try hard to keep these fake profiles out. But two, it’s just a lot of work. If you’re running a scam, it’s far easier to slap a picture of a pretty girl on a profile on some hookup site. To even sign up, you have to answer an extensive personality test. Furthermore, members of this site aren’t looking for titillation; they’re looking for serious relationships. For all those reasons, eHarmony is almost fully legitimate; scammers aren’t a big problem.

eHarmony Dating Website Story

The eHarmony website was first launched in 2000. It was the first algorithm-based dating website. Over 20 years ago, online dating was still very peculiar and very rudimentary. eHarmony helped online dating seem more normal and more respectable and was especially adept at this because it focuses on creating long-term relationships, principally with an eye to marriage. They have received criticism because they only offer straight dating. People seeking a same-sex partner can use eHarmony’s sister service, Compatible Partners. Founder Neil Clark Warren explained the discrepancy as simply not knowing same-sex relationships, but others saw it as discriminatory.

eHarmony Statistics

Founded in 2000, eHarmony was the first algorithm-based dating service on the web. Unlike other flirting dating apps, eHarmony is specifically focused on fostering long-term relationships, and trying to match their members. While it is now possible to use the site without filling out the entire personality questionnaire, they would prefer it if you did. The site probably has about 10 million active users in the US, though other reviews cite a higher number. The male user base is said to be only six percent higher than the female, which is remarkably equal in the world of online dating.

Memberships Base

How many users are in eHarmony’s membership base?

Active Members Estimate: 10 million to 16 million
Male vs. Female Breakdown: 53% male, 47% female – one of the best in online dating.

What Relationship Types does eHarmony Serve?

Relationship Status(es): Singles – Divorced (but you can’t have been married more than four times) – Widowed
Relationship Type(s): Straight
Looking For: Traditional Dating – Serious Relationships – Marriage

Where is eHarmony popular? What languages do people use on it?

USA (English), UK (English), Australian (English), German (Germany)
It is most popular in the US. It is growing in popularity in Australia, and a German company now owns it.

Is eHarmony free?

While it offers some of its free services, its famous matchmaking is only available for paying members. Free users can only send a limited number of messages.

What are the subscription payment options?

Duration eHarmony Pricing
Per Month Total
6 Months $59.90 $359.40
12 Months $35.90 $430.80
24 Months $25.90 $621.60

What are the payment methods?

You can pay via credit card. They accept all major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). It also now accepts PayPal.

MasterCard Visa PayPal


Is there a trial period for eHarmony?

You can use eHarmony for free, but the free services are mostly like any other generic dating site. The shortest paid period is six months.

Is eHarmony free for women?

The free version is free for women, but women do not receive any discounts.

Is eHarmony legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate dating site. If you want help finding a compatible partner for a serious, traditional marriage, eHarmony could probably help.