Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore Author And Relationship Coach


Michael Fiore teaches people how to use technology to improve human connection.

But he does it in a unique way…

As a relationship coach based in the Seattle, Washington area, Michael chooses to focus on the obscure niche of text messaging and has become exceptionally good at helping men and women take gigantic leaps forward in their relationships by sending simple text messages from your average cell phone, smart phone, or iPhone.

Through his own relationships Michael quickly learned text messages were an incredible form of communication that no one was taking serious when it came to improving and strengthening relationships. Instead, text messaging almost always gets a bad rap for all sorts of things ranging from being a distraction to text cheating and “sexting”.

But Michael realized there was more to text messaging…that it could be powerful and effective when used properly.

He knew from his own experiences just how powerful texting was at creating insane levels of intimacy and desire in the women he dated. So he set off on a lifelong mission to teach as many men and woman as possible how to use his unique texting “formulas” to grow and strengthen relationships.


  • Text Your Wife Into Bed
  • Text The Romance Back
  • Text Your Ex Back