Online dating used to be a serious affair, and in some cases it was clumsy and difficult to make use of with much success. Looking at some of the traditional dating sites that are still dragging their feet today, you could say that it’s easy to see why this was. In this day and age, online dating has moved from being a service that catered for a small section of society to one which is much more mainstream and popular. It’s ground breaking dating sites such as which are responsible for this sea change. provides an online dating service where members can chat, develop friendships and interact and get to know each other in many ways before stepping up to a looking for a date. The fresh approach of has seen it grow and grow into its current status as one of the largest online dating sites in the world today. offers its members many features, including thousands of member profiles, live chat, video profiles, social networking links to Facebook et al., an innovative points system that rates and rewards users for their interactivity, and much, much more. On top of this the site is also available on mobile phones as the Android app. This app gives the user access to everything that the standard site offers directly from their mobile or smart phone. takes the best tried and tested formulas and adds its own spin on things, pushing for a site with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that promotes user interaction and community spirit as much as one to one dating. This approach is a great way of fostering a warm hearted and inviting environment for new users and those that find online dating to be stressful and worry inducing.

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