Relationships are like glass which should be handled with care. And to break them is not easy especially the long term relationships. As far as women are concerned they do not want to be the ones to end up the relationships even though they are the ones who want to break off with their partners. If you are getting some warning signs from your lady love then there are chances that she no longer wants to stay with you. Some of the warning signals are:

Upset couple in bed

  • All of a sudden her schedules have become hectic and she finds no time for you.
  • She ignores you as and when she can whereas earlier you were the centre of her attention.
  • She does not feel like discussing matters related to her life with you, whereas earlier she would tell you all the minute details even.
  • Even your small mistakes appear blunders to her and she is ready to argue over small things.
  • She does not show interest in your activities.
  • She often talks about break ups and thinks it is the best choice to do even when there is a little quarrel.

All the above signs are based on surveys and may not be always true. But in majority of the cases they are clear indications that your partner is no more interested to take the relationship forward.

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