10 Tips That Help When You Like a Boy

Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore
July, 2021
Help When You Like a Boy

You like a boy, and dating him might seem impossible. Regardless of whether you’re shy or confident, understanding how to get his attention can help you win his heart. Nervousness can leave you stuttering when making a start in the dating world, even when using flirting dating sites. What’s more, fear of failure can also hold you back. Therefore, follow these top tips, and you’ll always take the right steps!

Keep Your Lips Looking Good

Guys make dating decisions based on what their eyes see. They’re naturally drawn to visually beautiful women. Lips are something that men find attractive, so pucker up and make them stand out. Plenty of lip-gloss and lipstick will ensure that your lips are going to grab his attention when dating him!

Make Him Feel Left Out But Only For a Second!

It’s cheeky and risky but should you happen to meet him in a group, you’ll need to adopt a unique approach. You’re attracted to him, and he knows. However, say hello to the entire group and make eye contact with everyone except him. Then bring him in a few seconds later by saying hello with a cheeky smile. The excitement will leave him wanting more.

Make Contact With Him “Accidentally”

Whether it’s in the office or around time, bumping into him will always give you an opportunity to begin a conversation. Make a joke about bumping into him and make him laugh. He will feel instantly connected to you because you’ll feel like his girl, and that’ll entice him into wondering what dating you is like!

Make Direct Eye Contact

A smoldering look and deep eye contact will drive him wild. While many people instantly look away, make eye contact, and smile at him. This approach oozes confidence while giving him plenty to think about. Whether it’s across a bar, at the gym, or the office, make regular eye contact with him, and he’ll probably make the next move. Don’t expect him to dive into dating, though, although he will want more!

Compliment His Appearance

Commonly, men are expected to compliment women on their appearance. However, if you’re keen to begin dating him, impress him by showing him how much attention you pay to him. Tell him his outfit looks great, tell him he looks smart and how you love his outfit. This is certain to help the conversation flow!

Touch Him

If you’re eager to begin dating him, make contact with him. While men have wild imaginations, leaning over and touching him on the arm or brushing past him will drive him wild. That physical connection promises to keep him wanting more. He’ll be keen to make a move and approach you again for a second touch!

Smile, Smile Smile

Men are attracted to a girl who loves to smile. A radiant smile creates an invisible connection, inviting him to approach you. That smile puts him at ease and creates a feeling of mutual happiness that runs deep. He’ll smile back, giving you the opportunity to explore the dating opportunities that await you.

Ask Him for a Hug

A hug feels good. It’s comforting, loving, passionate, and meaningful. It creates a physical bond that keeps you connected long after it’s ended. Asking for a hug isn’t cheesy; it’s a great way of showing him how you feel. If he holds you tight and feels as though he doesn’t want to let go, then it could be time to start dating him!

Send Him a Text

Sending a text provides a great opportunity to begin making your move. While your goal is to begin dating him, sending him a text telling him how good he looked today will really work. Perhaps you’d prefer to tell him you like him. Through text, you’ve nothing to lose, and it makes everything easier for you!

Buy Him a Gift

It might seem wrong but buy him a gift. A fragrance, some old-school vinyl, or even tickets to a concert. Whatever it might be, you’ll show him you care more than he realizes!

If you like a guy, don’t hold back or be afraid to show him. Take your chances and let him know that you’re keen to begin dating him. You’ll be surprised at how easy things can work out for you!

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Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore
July, 2021

Blunt, funny and always honest, Michael Fiore is an internationally known expert on how to have great relationships in the modern world. In 2011, Michael appeared on "The Rachael Ray" show with his popular "Text The Romance Back Program" (Rachael said he gave her "chills").

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