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Review by Our Dating Expert is a global peer-to-peer support resource for people in need that brings people from over 200 countries and cultures together to interact and discuss relationships with partners, parents, children, and friends. Our experts analyzed the dating site and concluded that this platform provides a public dating forum where anyone can take advantage of the opportunity and discuss all types of relationships. On this platform, you can find an article on any topic that interests you. Topics range from self-improvement and fighting bad habits to dating and divorce.

The forums on this dating site are accessible to all people, so it is best to use a nickname. Stay anonymous, so users don't read about your struggles but instead get tips you share.

  • Free use of the platform
  • Huge user base that allows you to exchange thoughts
  • Search for topics that interest you
  • Security and privacy of user data
Member Choice 3.0
Match & Search 3.0
Ease of Use 3.0
Privacy & Safety 3.0
Help & Support 3.0
Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore
July, 2021

Quality of Members’ Profiles

As an open and friendly community, each user must adhere to the established guidelines and standards. This was done to maintain an environment where all participants can comfortably use the site and discuss topics. These principles of this dating site are based on standards that are improved every year as this site develops.

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How to Sign Up at

The registration process is pretty straightforward. You only need to enter basic information about yourself, come up with a nickname, and add a photo at your discretion; it is advisable to use a picture to avoid identifying you as a person.

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loveshack Security Measures

The site administration monitors this moderated forum, and materials that violate the terms of use of the site will be edited or removed. Forum moderators make decisions based on the site rules and apply them reasonably and fairly. Users who do not comply with these rules risk temporarily or even permanently losing access to the dating site. The dating site administration very carefully monitors compliance with the rules by users to ensure consistent discussion and therefore changes or deletes any materials that relate to materials that have been changed or removed.

In a forum, the value of sharing is important. Discussions taking place on a public forum should be available to all users and should not be private between a small group of dating site users. Questions or comments that do not relate to the topic of discussion addressed to any particular person should not be resolved in the public forums of the forum, and users should discuss it privately. has a popular private messaging feature that is available to all regular users. Private conversations between 2 users are possible using private messages.

Search Filters on follows the concept of most dating platforms. Members of a dating site can choose one of the proposed options for communicating with their chosen potential partners. However, to access other features of the dating site, users are encouraged to purchase a paid subscription. A paid subscription allows dating site members to send direct messages and use the instant chat. In this way, the dating site ensures that only legitimate profiles will be able to associate with other users.

If you do not have a paid subscription, you can try to attract the attention of other users with the wink function. If a subscriber with a premium membership notices your wink, they can send you a private message that you can reply to. Also, if you have a free version, you can find potential customers through the likes gallery, which displays users' photos. If this person likes you, too, this feature will suit you both, and you can start a conversation.

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Legit Members

Forum users can sometimes exchange private conversations and information through private messages. The site administration hopes that all forum users will respect the rights of others to privacy and will not disclose the personal information of another user without his consent, including repeating the content of a private message on a public forum without the user's consent.

The dating site administration warns users about the need to take special care when sending private messages or post personal information. The site administration warns users not to disclose information that other users can use to identify a specific user.

For its own protection and the privacy and security of all users, the administration of the site warns that personal or identifying information cannot be sent to the forum.

It includes:

E-mail address

Phone number

Postal address

Instant message contact information (real username, etc.)

Bank account numbers

User passwords or access codes

The site administration warns its users to provide personal information judiciously. Basically, the site administration will not be able to satisfy subsequent requests to delete the topic after receiving replies to the message due to unfairness towards those users who took the time to answer the topic under discussion thoughtfully. Your post will be considered a permanent addition to the discussion that everyone has access to. For this reason, the site administration does not recommend users to provide data that would make it easy to identify their family members or friends. protects users' privacy, but the site administration asks all users to be vigilant when using the site. It is advisable to use an image that cannot identify you. Dating Website Story is not a professional resource, meaning it is not run by a hired competent person or group of people. The tips and suggestions that you see on the site will most likely be based on the experiences and information of others who have gone through similar situations.

This information site presents the basic principles and rules regarding mutual respect of users. Before posting a response on the forums, it is important to read the site rules. Statistics

Each user can create "magazines" on the site. These are posts similar to blog responses. People can study and comment on other people's posts and create their journals to share their thoughts with other users.

Users on the forums are very active, so they can happily communicate with like-minded people on interesting topics.

Memberships Base

Membership base size

The user base has over 8 million users. Of these, 3 million are active users.

Relationship type, status, and needs served

You can find like-minded people here. You yourself choose the categories of users with whom you want to communicate and build relationships.

Geographic and language coverage

As stated, is a global community, so not all users are native English speakers, and not all of them know spoken English, even though it is international. The site obliges users of the community to use language that not only reflects the correct terminology but is in no way vulgar, obscene, obscene pornographic, derogatory or derogatory in relation to the described subject or participants in the discussion. It is important to observe this when using the forum.

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

Free ones include:

  • Messaging in general chats
  • Browsing and exploring existing forums

Paid features:

  • Access to chats consisting of 2 users

Subscription Payment Options

Choose the option that suits you best!

$2.97 for a 3-day trial membership.

$26.70 for a 30-day membership.

$70.20 for a 180-day membership.

What are the payment methods?

You can use any available payment method on this site.

MasterCard Visa


Is Loveshack`s trial period free?

No, this dating site does not offer a trial period.

Is Loveshack really free for women?

No, here, all participants of any gender have exactly the same rights.

Is legit?

The developers and owners of the site claim that the site is absolutely legal because, here, all communications are carried out according to the established rules.