“Honesty is the best policy” is very true. But sometimes in the matters involving love it may not be true always. In life many incidents occur of which you should not tell your partner. Although it means breaking their trust but at times being dishonest can save your relationship. You should be careful enough about things which your partner does not like.

Given below are few tips which you should keep in mind and never tell your partner. They are:

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  • Things that are out of their control and which they can not change about themselves. They may be physical changes or the way they think.
    • Things which you do at your workplace.
    • Never criticize their friends or talk bad about them in front of your partner.
    • Remember not to talk about the wonderful experiences you had with your ex with your partner.
    • Never criticize their parents as if you cannot handle some one talking bad about your parents your partner also will not like the same.
    • Never tell them even if they are bad in bed as this will make them frustrated.
    • Never ask him about things going on at his workplace or else he/she might think that you don’t trust them.
    • Do not compare them with their siblings. For that matter never mention that how their siblings are smarter than them.

    If you keep all these things in mind you are sure to win your partners heart.

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