Finally you thought that you found the man of your dreams but the man who attracted you is someone’s boyfriend. But still you feel that he is yours and want to attract him. It may not be an easy thought but you need to work on this before you start attracting him. First try to gather as much as information about him. Find out what are his hobbies, his likes and dislikes and then plan ahead. Once you gather information about him start hanging around the places where he is often found. Try to talk to him as though you wanted some clarifications. Do not try attracting him. Be humble and soft and make him notice you. Try to start a conversation with him and try becoming his friend. Make him realize that you admire him a lot and talk lots of common things which will make him also converse. Find out his interests and try talking about it.

Couple Sleeping in Bed

Any man will fall for a woman who understand his thoughts and try to communicate on it rather than being ignorant. Make him feel that you listen to every single word he utters.Whatever you do try to find out whether he is really interested in his girlfriend, if so no point in trying all your tactics to get his love. Proceed only if you find that he is not that serious on his relationship with his girl or no point in trying more. And then explain to him what you want from him and how much you love him. Do not let him know that you are stealing him away from his girl. This will lead to unwanted things in the future. Only if you understand him you will be able to know him better and make him get attracted to you.

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